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Wishes Jareth May Have Granted: ONE

Her first words to me are: "I wish".

We have been dancing for at least half a waltz, but it is the first sound her lips have made. It's obvious from her disinterested expression that she doesn't fancy dancing, but her feet are light and she cannot refuse a request of the Queen. I adjust my grip on her hands, and lead her farther out on to the dance floor.

"Strong words, Princess," I say.

"But it's true," she says.

I find myself studying her, for the first time noticing the quaintness of her features. She is pretty enough, and would be much more if she did not dress herself so somberly; though there is the chance that she does not choose her own clothing.

"A wish is nothing without a want," I say. "So what do you wish for?"

"To get away," the Princess says. Her voice is dismissive, arrogant. "I want a life."

"Is this life not perfect enough?" I ask.

The Princess laughs, and it is such a perfect imitation of the fey that I'm again surprised that she isn't. "Perfect? Exactly what is perfect about this life? Oh, look, Mother's beaming again. She's so proud her little angel is having a chat with the Goblin King."

I consider this. I consider her, and I consider her mother.

The dance will end soon, so I make a decision.

"There is a city," I say. "Just beyond the border."

"I know," the Princess says, but she detects something important in my speech and is alert.

"There you will find something that can help you," I say. "The Queen of Light will welcome you with open arms, and lay the path to your adventure. It will be a marvelous one."

The Princess is quiet again, but now there is the suggestion of planning in her head. I know she will take my suggestion.

And indeed, it will be a marvelous adventure.

OOC: A crossover with MirrorMask. I'm reviving this journal a little for random writing exercises. I take requests, if anyone has any crossover ideas.
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The Task: Name one thing about human goblin nature that puzzles you.

I may not technically be a goblin, but other than "Goblin King", they have yet to figure out the proper nomenclature to describe me. For argument's sake, let's consider that I am part of the goblin society that I govern.

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